Flexion Distraction

At Stillwell Family Chiropractic Center in Kent, our chiropractors use flexion distraction which is a technique used to treat conditions related to the lumbar spine. This technique does not require surgery and its focus is to increase the motion of the spine. It can help problems such as herniated and bulging discs. This is a gentle way to treat back problems in a way that does not cause force on the spine. It also takes pressure away from the nerves of the spine.


What Is A Flexion Distraction Table?

Flexion distraction therapy uses a flexion distraction table, which is a table that is segmented and allows a chiropractor to manipulate your spine. Sections of the table can drop or move so that the position of your body changes. It allows your body to drop ever so slightly and gravity helps to enhance the effects and realign your spine.

What Are The Benefits Of A Flexion Distraction Table?

There are several benefits of using the table including reduced pressure on the discs and nerves of the spine and a better range of mobility and motion. This type of therapy can help decrease the pain in your neck and head and relieve stiffness. It can create positive overall health of your discs. The table can relieve pressure on herniated discs that are bulging and help treat chronic pain.

A flexion distraction table can improve your posture and may help you avoid surgery. It can help eliminate numbness and pain in your arms, legs, back, and bottom. It can help many different types of back problems, including sciatica and osteoarthritis. The table can improve the movement of the spine for those who have scoliosis. It can also help with strains, sprains, and spasms.

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Stillwell Family Chiropractic Center is the premier chiropractor in Kent. We believe that the body can heal itself. The brain and nervous system control much of that healing. We believe the body needs to communicate with itself properly to facilitate healing. We want to help create an environment of overall positive health and well-being so that you do not need prescription medication or surgery. We will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your specific needs and create a personalized treatment program for you. Call us today at 253-839-2225 and begin feeling better. 

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