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One moment you're enjoying a peaceful drive, your favorite sport, or the usual routine at work, and the next thing you know, an accident has left you with a disabling case of whiplash. A sudden impact to the body can force your neck tissues and cervical spine into a world of hurt, rendering you incapable of living the life you want. Fortunately, you can find relief for your whiplash symptoms by addressing the underlying structural damage to your neck. Here at Stillwell Family Chiropractic Center in Kent, we have the right combination of whiplash treatment techniques to help you heal.


Neck Damage Caused by Whiplash

Whiplash is so named because of the whip-like motions that cause this acute injury syndrome. The most common cause of whiplash is automobile accidents. When your body is restrained, but your head is thrown around violently, slinging your neck around like the lash of a whip, the result is whiplash. These extreme forces can throw your cervical vertebrae completely out of alignment, possibly even straightening out the natural curve of your neck. At the same, muscles and tendons may be strained, ligaments may be torn, and herniated cervical discs may push against nerve tissue.

As you can imagine, these alterations to your neck can leave you with some agonizing symptoms. Beyond the pain and stiffness that make moving your head impossible, you may find yourself struggling with pain, numbness, and other malfunctions in your arms or hands. You also experience TMJ, headaches, vision abnormalities, dizzy spells, and mood disorders. If you want to feel like your old self again, you're going to need treatment for those whiplash-related injuries.

Non-Surgical Treatment Methods to Ease Your Whiplash Symptoms

Our chiropractor, Dr. Stillwell, knows how to restore proper neck function and relieve the symptoms caused by whiplash. By evaluating the changes to your cervical spine as well as your symptoms, we can figure out the most effective means of correcting the alignment problems created by your injury. Chiropractic adjustment can play a crucial role in your recovery by shifting vertebrae and discs back into their usual position, making normal motion possible again, and relieving pinched-nerve issues. Massage therapy can help the damaged neck tissues feel better and repair themselves more rapidly. Physical therapy can also help you get the strength and flexibility back into those tissues as they heal. 

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